7 inspiring ways how to wear over the knee boots

Are you one of those girls who really like the over the knee boots, but you're not sure how to wear them? Not to worry, we've been there too. Luckily, there are so many creative and stylish women out there who share their styling tips and tricks, so we can all learn from them. Whether you have a formal business meeting or just a casual lunch with your girlfriends, these boots can be worn on any occassion! The key is the styling, the outfit and, of course, the attitude. So if you're still asking, how to wear over the knee boots, we have 7 inspiring answer for you. Read on!

1. Under a midi skirt

midi skirt green over the knee bootsHere we hit two birds with one stone. How to wear a midi skirt? Simple- with over the knee boots. Well, over the boots, actually. It's an excellent way to style it if you are not too sure about wearing long boots- they are indeed beautiful, but we understand that sometimes it takes a little time to get used to this style and feel comfortable in it. Know what we're talking about? If yes, try wearing it like this! Source: thezoereport.com.

2. With a statement coat

statement coat long boots checkPerfect for girls, who love to stand out. Wear your over the knee boots with a funky and bright coat and stand out in the crowd. It's truly a timeless way to style your outfit! On top of that, it will definitely keep you warm during the cold season. You can even wear your favourite dress and not get frozen into a block of ice! Well if that's not a win, we don't know what is. Source: shutterstock.

3. With a knit dress

knit dress longred patent bootsNo doubt, this is one of the dreamiest and coziest ways to rock your over the knee boots. It's also effortless! Will take you literally 5 minutes to throw your outfit together and look phenomenal. And the styling options are never ending! You will definitely find something that will suit your closet content and your personal style. Source: stylescrapbook.com.


4. Over a pair of jeans

brown coat with jeans and over the knee boots

This might be the simplest and most obvious way to wear long boots, but do not underestimate it! There is nothing wrong with simple outfits, especially if you add a little accent to it, like a chunky coat, a funky belt or a statement handbag. Get creative and be surprised how many beautiful outfits you will come up with! Source: www.elle.com.

5. With a faux fur coat

faux fur and long boots with jeans
We love faux fur over at Mad Jade. It's fashionable, it's comfy and most importantly, it's animal-friendly. Therefore, it's also a great way to wear your over the knee boots! Perfect for a cold winter, this combination will not only keep you in the center of attention, but will help you stay out of the flu zone. Try it for yourself, we're sure you will love it! Source: Pinterest (Miroslava Duma).

6. With a faux leather skirt

red over the knee boots with faux leather mini skirtNow, this look is not as winter-friendly as the faux fur coat option, but it is perfect for an early autumn, when the weather is still mild and bearable. A great way to rock up your look is to throw in a little leather. Like this mini skirt- it's edgy and it will make you feel like you own the street. Which you, of course, do. We simply love this personal style! Source: www.thegirlfrompanama.com.

7. All black everything

all black outfit with over the knee bootsAn absolute classic. As timeless as it gets. The all-black look. It's easy to wear, it's simple to style and, let's face it, it suits everybody. We believe that this is the best way for all the "over the knee boot virgins" out there to start wearing this type of shoes and look (and feel) fabulous. It's so flattering and sophisticated, you won't want to get out of this outfit. Source: mytheresacom.tumblr.com (Gigi Hadid).
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