What to wear to work - 8 styling tips for a real boss girl

Does your every morning start with a mild panic attack, because "what to wear to work"? Do you want to stay professional yet still look trendy? We can totally relate. And so we've put up a little article to help you balance your looks between the office attire standards and chic fashion trends. Read on and hopefully it will help you express your personal style at work and still look like a total boss lady. Here's our 8 stylish suggestions what to wear to work.

1. Satin blouses

black satin blouse office attire boss ladyWe just love satin blouses! They are chic, they are feminine, they are sexy and yet they can still look formal and official. Wear this blouse with a pencil skirt or a tapered trouser and own the whole workplace! And the color combinations, ah, the color combinations.. There is no end to them. Experiment away, boss lady! Source: NA-KD.

2. Midaxi dresses

midaxi floral dress

It's not maxi, it's not midi either.. It's the perfect length for an office queen! Whether it's floral, checked, monochrome or patterned, wear a midaxi dress to work and see how the jaws of your coworkers slowly drop to the ground. A dress like that is a great way to emphasize your femininity at work and still look proffessional. You go! Source: instyle.de.

3. Pop of color

pop of color bright black office lady woman
Nothing says "business" more than an all-black outfit. What you can do to add a little individualism to it is add a little pop of color. Whether it's your yellow shoes, a green stripe across your skirt or a pair of chunky red earrings, it will add a touch of playfulness to your outfit and make you look more approachable. This is truly a very simple yet effective way to bring your office attire into the spotlight. Source: popsugar.co.uk.

4. Black & White

black and white high waisted jeans

Black and white.. It's such a timeless and classic combination. You cannot go wrong with it. What you can do with it, is funky it up a notch! Like wearing black wide-leg jeans with a white wrap blouse. It's a really simple combination, but it makes all the difference. It will surely bring your claqssic black and white outfit into the modern era of fashion. Try it out! Source: Pinterest.

5. Funky Pantsuits

white red black pantsuit office lady stylish Pantsuits! They are not for everyone, but they surely are an excellent choice for an office girl. There are so many different styles out there, it will make your head spin. Pick the one that fits your personal style best and rock it to that Monday morning meeting. Attention and compliments are guaranteed! Source: bloglovin.com.

6. The Blazer

white blazer office lady stylish trendy professional

Cha ching! Here's another winning style- the blazer. It's so edgy and bold, it's perfect for when you need a little boost of confidence in an important meeting. Wear it with jeans, pencil skirts or even dresses- you cannot go wrong with it. Pick the color that suits you most and show everyone who's the boss! Source: thaismuray.com.br.

7. Faux Leather

faux leather brown pants wide leg office girl

Faux leather- so easy to wear and creates such a huge difference in your looks. It's timeless yet bold and edgy- it's perfect for a modern career woman who won;t have anyone stand in her way. Whether it's pants, skirt or a blazer, faux leather will add a tad of authority and power to your outfits. It's perfect for a real boss girl. Source: fromluxewithlove.com

8. Bold accessories

bold accessories chunky statement earrings

Let's go for a bold accessory this time. Chunky earrings, statement rings, golden pendant necklaces.. There are so many options to help you add a funky and chic twist to your office attire, it's almost overwhelming! Pick the one that suits your personal style most and flash it to everyone at work. Go get it, boss lady! Source: bloglovin.com.

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